Micro Bead Hair Extensions, also known as i-tips, microlinks and individuals, are one of the older.
Our staff have been trained to specifically apply these beads, and it is an art that requires precision and patience. The reason they are so popular is that they manage to camouflage so well into the hair, being invisible and yet still adding to the volume of the hair. While they are very light, about 1g of hair per piece, when used en-masse they create a beautiful, long-lasting effect.
They are also able to be placed into a ponytail, as they can rotate 180° from point of placement on the head so they are perfect for those who like to exercise and want to put their hair up and off their neck and face.
The other great thing about Micro Bead Hair Extensions is that you can swim with them! Yes! As long as you adhere to our before the process. Just tightly plait or braid your hair, so they’re stable during your dip.
Then once you’ve had enough of the water, just wash and dry your hair.

• Wears 7-10 weeks
• No shedding/tangling
• Reusable up to 12 months
• 18" - 22" length


Purchase our HBhair with the discount and
Pay for the service

-Maintance removal/re-installation

Hair + $200 installation fee



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