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Eyelash extensions or simply lash extension refers to a technique of increasing length and thickness and consequently fullness of eyelashes on lash-to-lash strand basis and they are designed to allow you go on with your day-to-day activities as usual without any hindrance while they enhance your looks. It could also refer to the hair like shaped material, which is placed on top of your natural eyelashes to enhance their length and thickness during an eye lash extensions job. Generally, they are made from either natural fibers or synthetic fibers. The latter is more durable and cause less allergic reactions or irritations.
Prior to Your Lash Appointment:
- Remove contact lenses.
- Remove all mascara and eye makeup. 
- Do not allow your lashes to get wet for at least 12 hours.
- Do not swim, enter a sauna or allow steam on your face within the first 24 hours after application.
- Do not perm, curl or tint your lash extensions.
- Do not use any products in your eye area that contain oil, this may break & loosen the adhesive.
- Do not use waterproof mascara or eye liners.
- Do not use a blow dryer near your eyes.
-Wash your lashes regularly and ever so gently! Click here to learn more on how to clean your lashes.
-Avoid placing your face directly under the shower stream.
-Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around your eyes.
-If you use eye cream, make sure to apply at least 1 hour prior to sleep to avoid it transferring onto your lashes.
-Minimize your exposure to heat, steam, sauna.
-Do not pick, rub, pull or play with your lashes.
-Never attempt to remove your lash extensions on your own.
-Never attempt to curl, tint, or perm your lashes.
-Avoid using cotton pads on or around your eyes.
-Use your little lash brush to gently separate and style your lashes into place.

FULL SET   $150 - $180
FILL           $80

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